Twenty Books, Twenty Paths.

  .بیست کتاب، بیست راه


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Use Afghan Proverbs to help welcome Afghan refugees!  Download FREE "Welcome with a Proverb"

Posters in Dari and Pashto  

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                  Dari                                           Pashto               
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"Proverbs to Help Refugees Worldwide"

An Abstract for a New Presentation to the

International Association of Paremiology (AIP-IAP)

7-14 November 2021

Tavira, Portugal    

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General David Petraeus


Afghan Proverbs


 From the film Dates for Coffee

directed by Kiera Lewis

photography by Mike LoBello  


Coming Soon

Dr. Wolfgang Mieder

Professor of German and Folklore, University of Vermont


World-Renowned Proverbs Expert


Afghan Proverbs 

Global Interest in Afghan Proverbs

Now in 119 nations and growing daily

             NEW YORK             LONDON             FRANKFURT              ATHENS                KABUL                NEW DELHI             BANGKOK              SYDNEY             LOS ANGELES    

beginning 30-11-13

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"These books are available all over the world, and they show the world about the richness and lyricism of Afghan language and culture."

   - Khatera Yusufi 

      Award-winning Afghan television host of 

     Who Wants to be a Millionaire in


Afghan Proverbs #MysteryModels in Bamako, Mali