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2013 Gold Medal Winner

Military Writers Society

of America

2014 Readers' Favorite

International Book

Awards Winner

2016 Next Generation 

Independent Book Awards




151 Afghan Dari Proverbs 


ISBN 978-0986238604

   The award-winning and world's most popular bilingual book of Afghan Proverbs in English and Dari.  Beautifully illustrated by Afghan high school students in Kabul. 


    Collected and translated in Afghanistan by U.S. Navy Captain and Dari speaker Edward Zellem, the winner of 9 international book awards.  Includes transliterations for easy reading and pronunciation.  Available at leading booksellers in over 100 countries.  In paperback and e-book. 


     Zarbul Masalha ("Proverbs" in Dari) is the only book of its kind in the world.  It is the authoritative work that presents and explains 151 of Afghanistan's most commonly used Proverbs.  Afghans have used proverbs and sayings since ancient times  to build bridges and understanding between people and cultures.  Zarbul Masalha continues that tradition for the entire world. 


ضرب المثل های دری افغانستان

“The books are a wondrous novelty in many cases.  They help encourage a reading habit, and to spread the word that reading need not be just for information but can be fun as well.”

      - Nancy Dupree

           Author, historian, and founder of the 

           Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University 



Nancy Hatch Dupree

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