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Lina Fouro

Afghan-Canadian pop music and MTV star


     When friends first told me about a brilliant, hip Afghan-Canadian female pop singer who was winning over audiences in the highly competitive Toronto nightclub and concert scene, I was interested in learning more. My friends said that Lina Fouro is going to be a big star.    

     Then I listened to her yet-unreleased track of "Bang Bang Baby,” and I thought that maybe my friends were on to something. So I listened to “Boom” and watched one of her music video trailers. Then I was sure they were right.  

     Lina Fouro is a star already. She will be a much bigger star very soon when her debut album The Love Cycle is released by Yen Productions early next month.  

     Fouro writes all her own songs, blending electro-influenced styles of pop, funk, house and progressive music with a unique touch of both hip-hop and Afghan/Persian beats.  But it isn’t just her musical style that is unique.  Also a poet, a sometime-actor and model, a social activist and an intellectual, the story of Lina Fouro herself is unique....  (more)


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"Love through Music and an Afghan-Canadian Recording Artist"






with Edward Zellem  


Lina Fouro Update

Afghan-Canadian pop music and MTV star


     Since our first interview, Lina Fouro’s star has continued to rise.  She has gained the attention of internationally known hip-hop musicians like Kirko Bangz,  French Montana, Peter Jackson, and other stars in the music industry.  Her next media event is an exclusive radio interview with London-based Afghan Voice.

      Lina Fouro’s first interview generated great interest from Film Annex readers and Lina Fouro fans, and set a new record for Film Annex interview tweets and shares at the time.       

     Her fans, followers and friends have been asking lately for an update about her latest activities, so I spoke with her again.  As before, Lina was just as gracious and fun to speak with as she is immensely talented....  (more)   


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"Afghan-Canadian Music Star Continues Journey to Top"

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